A very warm welcome

A new ZEITGEIST has dawned. Our way of thinking and looking at our life, work activities and material belongings is experiencing a new chapter. Our goal of striving more and more – higher economic growth and maximizing sales, profits, salaries, stock prices, etc. – is experiencing a rethink.

We live in a shifting world. Corona was the trigger. “Back to basics” is the theme. It is about the reflection on our true VALUES – our inner values. We will find our strength and security in us and not in external possessions. We are here to develop our innate talents and individual gifts, our creativity and passion, our joy of life and heart openings and make them blossom. It is about personal growth, health, and a new approach to money.

Yes, the shift also affects MONEY. Money has dominated the world up to now and has determined the lives of many people. We and our ancestors did not handle money well. This has an impact on our lives and the flow of money. A new way of thinking is needed to lead the dealing with money into a positive direction and healthy relationships. The new model “MONEY & SPIRIT” will contribute to this. We support you by bringing your life and money back into the flow.

It is our concern to support the young generation and to let a new economy emerge; and thus, to bring satisfaction to mankind.

Yours sincerely,
Rafael Kasischke